National Projects



UEFISCDI, Programme Complex Projects Realised through Consortia: 2018-2020


AdvanceNano, New Directions of Technological Development and Use of Advanced Nano-Composite Materials (2018-2020   Contract 47PCCDI/15.03.2018 )

NANOCOMPOZITCARB, Oxide Nano-Composites with Nano-Carbon Materials for Applications in Photonics, Contract 42PCCDI/01.04.2018 (2018-2020)

 PNCDI - II Program 


  • Nanostructure-based system for real time detection of malignant tumor margins - NANOMARDET, 20/2014 ( ) 2014-2017
  • Sensors for metals based on azulenes modified electrodes for water quality monitoring - SEMEMA, 236/2014      



  • New vitreous magneto-optical materials applied in optoelectronics –  MOVITOPT, 186/2012
  • Nanostructrures based on new organometallic compounds for electronic applications - NANOCEA, 17/2012



  • Quantum confinement effect of CdS / CdSe quantum dots in phosphor aluminosilicate matrix as a promising new temperature sensing material - TEMPGLASS,  51/2011
  • Chemical and optical characterization of atmospheric suspended particles - CHEMOP, 12/2011



  • Advanced Organometallic Materials for Optoelectronics  MOMAOPT, 72-177/2008
  • Nonlinear functionalities in new nanostructured photonic materials for information technology - FUNFOTON, 12-111/2008
  • Research on obtaining of phosphato-potassium vitreous fertilizers with controlled solubility and estabilishing the parameters for their use in plants production - AGROFERTIGLASS, 52-139/2008 



  • Synthesis of vitreous materials based on SiO2 with high degree of doping control with applications  in photonics - VITROFOTONANOSIN, 11-053/2007
  • Development of clean technologies for glass industry in the context of the sustainable development - CLEANTECHGLASS, 21-020/2007
  • Advance phosphate materials with vitreous structure, doped with rare-earth ions, for optoelectronic applications OPTOGLASS, 71-054/2007 
  • Monitoring of metallic structures behaviour at mechanical actions SISMET, 31-054/2007 



CEEX National Research Programme



  • Advanced structured materaials for microelectronic mycrosistems CEEX 05-D11-38/ 06.10.2005- ASMOM 2005-2008
  • Tailored Heusler alloys for spintronics CEEX 69/2005 - ASPIDHA 2005-2008
  • Experimental Method for study of magnetic  materials through magneto-optic Kerr effect CEEX-33/2005 MAGNEKER 2005-2008
  • Ecological glass through nanotechnologies for diminishing, adapting and restoring the natural environment elements  Nr. 635 / 03.10.2005 - FRIENDLY GLASS
  • Non-destructive method to evaluate the characteristics of road layers CEEX X1C15/2005 MNSR, 2005-2008
  • Calcium Carbonate synthesis with preordained properties by non-conventional procedures CEEX 18/2005 SONOCARB, 2005-2008
  • Interdisciplinary network targeting the research and the synthesis of semiconductor and conductor nanostructures aiming at obtaining photonic and optoelectronic devices used in biology and medicine  51 / 05.10.2005 – NANOCRYSTALNET
  • Interactions, mechanisms and new phenomena in 2D, 3D nitrides systems based on 3d and 4f transitional elements CEEX D11-40/2006 TRANZEL 2005-2008
  • Obtinerea de nanopigmenti pentru acoperiri decorative vitroase digitalizate 201-5/20.07.2006 - DIGIDECOR
  • Behaviour of emergent states in strongly correlated electron systems CEEX-/2006-COSTEMSEC.







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