International Projects



MANUNET: OLIDIGRAPH -Optical Limiter Device Based on Innovative Graphene­-Derived Materials (2018-2020) 

MNT-ERA-NET:  SOLHET -High-performance tandem heterojunction solar cells for specific applications (2016-2019)

MPNS COST Action MP1406 -MultiscaleSolar-Multiscale in modelling and validation for solar photovoltaics (2015-2018)

MNT-ERA-NET-SENSGLASS Innovative optical microsensors based on rare-earth-doped phosphate glasses 7-031/04.04.2011 ;

Intergovernamental Romania-Republica Moldova Mechanical properties of the vitreous phosphate materials, doped with rare-earth ions 428/15.06.2010

FENIKS-FP5-EC-R&D Ferromagnetic Semiconductors and Novel Magnetic-Semiconductor Heterostructures for Improved Knowledge on Spintronics 2001-2005

COST ACTION P11 Preparation and study of amorphous & nano-crystalline photonic materials (direct cooperation with New Zealand, France) 

COST ACTION P16 (ECOM) Preparation & study of new Heusler alloys (bulk and nano-films by PLD).

COST Action MP 07 02Towards Functional Sub-Wavelength Photonic Structures , 2009-2012.

COST Action MP 0805 Novel Gain Materials and Devices Based on III-V-N Compounds

Intergovernamental Romania-Republica Moldova, Correlation synthesis-microstructure-properties for aluminophosphate vitreous bulk materials with application in magnetooptics, no. 695/2013

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