About us


The Department OPTOSPINTRONICS  is focused on  the development of knowledge based multifunctional materials such as:

  •  Heusler and half Heusler materials (NiMnSb Co2Mn(Si, Ge, Ga, Sn, Sb) as well as some solid solutions of types Co2Mn X(1-x)Yx particularly studied for their applications in spintronics;
  • diluted magnetic semiconductors (DMS), mainly Co-based 
  • micro and nano metal organic complexes with applications in optoelectronics;
  • ceramic/polymer composites with applications in informational technology;
  • structured materials based on doped phosphate glasses for photonics and photonic structures
  • metal plasmon structures for medical and forensic applications (e.g.real time diagnostic)

The scientists at OPTOSPINTRONICS have expertise in synthesis of powder, bulk and thin films (sol-gel, pulsed laser deposition) and characterisation (FTIR , Raman, UV-Visible-NIR, fluorescence spectrophotometry,  Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect (MOKE), Seebeck-effect measurements )


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