Spectrophotometer UV/VIS/NIR - Lambda 1050 Perkin Elmer


 LAMBDA 1050 UV/Vis/NIR Spectrophotometer

Detector  Photomultiplier R6872 for high energy in the entire UV/Vis wavelength range. Combination of high performance  Peltier-cooled InGaAs detector, 2 options:Narrow band covering 860-1800 or wide band covering 860-2500 nm and Peltiercooled PbS detector for 1800/2500-3300 nm in the NIR wavelength range.

Source Pre-aligned tungsten-halogen and deuterium. Utilizes a source doubling mirror for improved UV/Vis/NIR energy.

Wavelength Range N2 purge required below 185 nm 175 nm - 3300 nm 175 nm - 3300 nm

UV/Vis Resolution < 0.05 nm

NIR Resolution < 0.20 nm

Wavelength Accuracy